MCF Newsletter – Immigration Story

Immigration Story

My name is Jesus Lino, and I am from Los Angeles, CA.

I graduated from the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex’s Los Angeles School of Global Studies in 2017 and just recently graduated from Harvard College this past May with a degree in Applied Math and a minor in Psychology. I am currently starting my first year at the Harvard Graduate School of Education through the Harvard Teacher Fellows Program.

Through this program, I will be teaching in one of their partner schools for a year while attending classes to work towards earning my Masters in Education. This past week was my first week as an Algebra 1 teacher, and it was a nerve-wracking and amazing experience. Working in a school that reminds me of the high school I attended brings me so much joy and makes me feel at home. I found myself thinking about my wonderful community back in Los Angeles countless times this week. I am very grateful to be in a community in Massachusetts that feels like home and am also grateful for all of the wonderful family members, friends, teachers, mentors, and countless others that have helped me get to where I am today.

Jesus is also an alumni recipient of the Miguel Contreras Scholarship program.