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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

“About DACA and Employment” (NILC): English | Spanish | Português | Korean

“What Do I Need to Know About the End of DACA” (ILRC): English | Spanish | Chinese

“FAQS: Updated Guidance for DACA Recipients” (Informed Immigrant): English

“Frequently Asked Questions on DACA Termination” (NILC): English

Know Your Rights

“Everyone Has Certain Basic Rights, No Matter Who is President” (NILC): English | Spanish | Chinese | Korean

“Your Rights as an Immigrant Worker” (NILC): English | Spanish

“Recover Your Unpaid Wages” (DLSE Brochure): English | Spanish

“Report a Labor Violation” (DLSE Brochure): English | Spanish

“Report Retaliation” (DLSE Brochure): English | Spanish

“FAQS: Being Undocumented in 2017” (Informed Immigrant): English

“Know Your Rights Cards” (United We Dream): English | Spanish | Chinese | Korean | Arabic


“Community Flyer: Marijuana and Immigrants” (ILRC): English

“Health Care Providers and Immigration Enforcement: Know Your Rights, Know Your Patient’ Rights” (NILC): English

Driver’s Licenses

“AB 60: Frequently Asked Questions” (Drive CA Coalition): English | Spanish

Utility and Food Assistance 

Labor Community Services, AFL-CIO works with families and individuals gain access to community and government programs to address their human needs. Through information, referral, case management, 211, food pantry and advocacy provided by fellow members and community groups in a union program.

Phone: 213-985-2002 | Email:

Job Training / Placement Support

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