About MCF

What we do here will set the pace for organized labor across the country. We can create a new vision of what a labor movement can do.


  — Miguel Contreras

Our Founding Story

In 2009, a coalition of Los Angeles labor, business, and community leaders united to honor the legacy of Miguel Contreras. They established MCF to continue Miguel’s life work to create a better Los Angeles for overlooked workers. Today, we serve as the nonprofit partner of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO (LA Fed) and carry out programming to serve underserved workers outside the traditional focus of organized labor.

We are an independently funded and operated nonprofit organization with a unique partnership of the Los Angeles labor movement and worker-friendly business community. Serving as the nonprofit partner of the LA Fed, we partner with a network of over three-hundred industry unions, and have access to outreach networks, and best and brightest leaders in policy advocacy.

Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to empower working Angelenos – especially women, immigrants and communities of color – by advancing greater equity through access to good quality jobs and livable communities.

Our Values

Our work is guided and informed by our belief and commitment in the inclusivity of workers to: share in the prosperity earned from their hard work, expect fair and safe workplaces, and raise their voices about the public decisions that affect their lives.

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— Rusty Hicks

Program Partner

The LA Fed was founded in 1885 with a mission to safeguard the rights of working people and make a real difference for their families and communities. It supports policies and campaigns that continue to transform Los Angeles through good, safe jobs. Recently, the LA Fed led historic policy efforts to create more affordable housing, raise the minimum wage, and crack down on wage theft in the City and County. Through its partnership with the Miguel Contreras Foundation, the LA Fed furthers the pace for organized labor across the country and continues Miguel’s vision of what a labor movement can become.