MCF Newsletter – UPS x MCF Program

UPS x MCF Program

The UPS x MCF project, in coordination with Teamsters 396, aims to prepare the essential workforce heroes of tomorrow. We plan to recruit participants from our neighboring communities. This program will result in career opportunities with UPS in one of their many fast-paced distribution centers. These careers in turn will result in sustainable livable wages and access to benefits for both the employee and their families.

The project will allow us to provide awareness and opportunities to underserved and underrepresented communities who are in dire need of career pathways. It would also address the challenges residents of these communities face when trying to navigate a professional environment. Topics such as effective communication and workforce etiquette will be addressed.

UPS offers its employees a wide range of benefits. Benefits include healthcare, pension fund, retirement accounts, and tuition reimbursement. This program will prepare the participant for the rigors of the package handler position and for the long-term career opportunities available to them as UPS employees.

The UPS x MCF project is unique in its integration with the employer partner, Teamsters 396, and the Miguel Contreras Foundation. The role of the project team is to facilitate, collaborate and create a climate of success for business partners and students involved.

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