Workforce Development

MCF’s Workforce Development Program is a cross-sector partnership that creates durable career opportunities for historically underserved workers. Currently, the program supports individuals re-entering the workforce after incarceration with union-employer-sponsored careers in the building and construction trades. In this, “Second Chance Program Bootcamp”, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, with the Miguel

Contreras Foundation, convenes and coordinates partners including the Los Angeles/Orange County Building and Construction Trades; the Anti-Recidivism Coalition; and Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

MCF seeks to scale the Second Chance Program Collaborative in the coming years, as well as expand to new Workforce Development Program collaboratives with:

  • New groups of underserved workers, specifically immigrants/refugees and women.
  • New industry employers and unions/worker centers.
  • New hard skills curriculum providers/educational institutions.
  • New core skills/soft skills non-profit partners.

MCF’s Workforce Development Program is unique in several ways: 

  • All participants are paid a salary of $15+/hour for their participation in the entire 12-week Second Chance Program Bootcamp.
  • All participants are able to come back for a future cohort if they do not graduate
  • All graduates receive the labor movement’s commitment to connect them to a labor union placemen
  • The Program holds a 76% placement rate into labor union careers over 4 cohorts to date, on track to average 100 per year in 2 years

For more information contact the Miguel Contreras Foundation at or call (213) 381-5611 ext. 145

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