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Because Over 30% of Students Are Undocumented

After years of work with immigrant students, we discovered that in some LAUSD high schools over 30% of students are undocumented. Designed by and for immigrant youth, Summer for the People is a free five-week summer program that builds the leadership of high school students living in low-income communities in Los Angeles County. Summer for the People deepens students’ awareness of social justice issues and energizes them to make a difference in themselves, their families, their communities, and beyond!

Each summer, we bring high school students together to:

  • Teach organizing tactics from the immigrant youth movement
  • Connect students and families to the labor movement
  • Model healing and wellness for sustained life-long activism
  • Develop college and career plans with college-graduate mentors



“In my senior year, I found out I was not eligible for any financial aid or immigration programs. The support of the Miguel Contreras Foundation gave me new reasons to keep fighting for my dreams.” Maria

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“Summer for the People provided me with the sense that, despite my age or any barriers of my identity, I can create positive changes in my community.” — Ricardo