Immigration Support for the Labor Community

We Are Them.

Working with the LA Fed, we assist the recently-launched “Labor Task Force on Immigration” to train the leaders of the LA Fed’s over 300 unions on timely immigration issues, and provide resources for them to support their 800,000 members, their families, and communities.


Our trainings and resources provide:

  • Strategies to organize new immigrant workers
  • Trainings for immigrant workers on resources for their children
  • Convenings for unions to highlight best practices for supporting immigrant members and their families
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) protections for immigrant workers
  • Federal immigration policy updates from leading experts
  • Updates on state and local laws that affect immigrant workers
  • Access to reduced-cost legal assistance from community-based private immigration attorneys


For reliable and low-cost immigration legal assistance visit our attorney directory!

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“I think my election [to head the LA Fed] is the labor union reflecting its leadership, and I think it sends a strong message to the immigrant community that unions are not just open to them — we are them.” — Miguel Contreras