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“Fue tras meses de trabajo y buen comportamiento que el hombre mexicanoamericano fue elegible para obtener la libertad condicional y hace un año logró abandonar la cárcel California Men’s Colony… ”
La Opinion, August 18, 2018:
“Exreos Abrazan su Segunda Oportunidad “

“On the morning of Feb. 22, Dabney was jogging around A Yard at the California State Prison at Lancaster when he was called to the prison program office and told he was being released after 23 years… ”
LA Weekly,October 18, 2017:
“He Went to Prison for Life at 17. More Than 20 Years Later His Life Started Over “

“When Mariana Villafaña was just a child, her mother left the city of León in Guanajuato, Mexico to set out across the desert. With her brother and sister, Mariana was brought to this country long before she knew how important that journey would be for the trajectory of her life…”

The Nation, September 27, 2017:
“We’re DACA Recipients, but We’re Fighting for All Undocumented Immigrants”

“Along with such groups as the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Immigration Law Center and the Labor Federation’s Miguel Contreras Foundation, it has assembled a network of pro bono and ‘low bono’ attorneys to represent immigrants in deportation proceedings.”

Los Angeles Times, March 5, 2017:
“L.A. Faces a Moral Test: How Will We Respond to Deportation Threats?”

“The Miguel Contreras Foundation Annual Awards, celebrating those who empower LA’s underserved communities. Honorees tonight include Dodgers star, Adrian Gonzalez. ‘We can stand for what we believe in and we can make a difference if each one of us does that,’ Gonzalez said.”

NBC 4 LA, November 15, 2016:
“Shaping the New Administration”

“[MCF Director of Strategic Communications and longtime undocumented immigrant youth activist] Mariana Villafana, 26, who qualified for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals plan in 2012, said she had prayed that her parents — both of whom arrived from Mexico and have worked as janitors for more than two decades — would benefit this time around.”

Los Angeles Times, June 23, 2016:
“Immigrant Rights Activists Vow to Keep Fighting After Supreme Court Deadlock”

“At the UTLA Local 1021 meeting in October, [MCF Director of Programs and longtime undocumented immigrant youth activist] Ilse Escobar shared her story of growing up undocumented. ‘Teachers played the most important role in my leadership journey,’ Escobar said. ‘Growing up, they were the only people I spoke to about my immigration status.’”

UTLA United Teacher, November 20, 2015:
“Teachers are powerful allies for undocumented students”

“About 50 students led by staff from the Miguel Contreras Foundation will visit local unions and colleges this July and August to interact with guest speakers and explore past and present movements for social justice. The Contreras Foundation pays all expenses during the 5-week session. The nonprofit’s foundation executive director, Araceli Campos, said the ‘program is shaped by people with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to pass on.’”

1 Voice Magazine, Summer 2015:
“The House of Labor”

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