Our History

Organizational Background

In 2009, a coalition of Los Angeles labor, business, and civil rights leaders united to establish the Miguel Contreras Foundation (MCF).

MCF honors the legacy of Miguel Contreras, the late head of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO (LA Fed). As the first person of color to head the LA Fed in its 102-year history, Miguel built one of the most inclusive and dynamic local working class movements in national history.

Today, MCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit housed at the LA Fed headquarters in Pico-Union. The LA Fed is a leader in progressive social change in Los Angeles County, where it now represents over 300 unions with 800,000 members. These members reflect Los Angeles: construction workers, housekeepers, musicians, engineers, school staff, maintenance workers, carwashers, truck drivers…

Like Miguel, MCF seeks to uplift working families traditionally underserved in Los Angeles County — both within the labor movement and outside of it. MCF provides a space for convening community, resources for community, engagement for organizing community, and issue advancement by and for community.

MCF’s work extends to the development and empowerment of MCF’s staff team and volunteers, comprised of emerging leaders from the same working families we serve. MCF will lead in program that connect labor and underserved communities for scaled impact.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Miguel Contreras Foundation is to empower working Angelenos – especially immigrants and communities of color – by advancing greater equity through access to good quality jobs and livable communities.

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“The Miguel Contreras Foundation will help fulfill his dream for both the future of the labor movement and the hopes and aspirations of workers of every color, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnic background." — From Miguel Contreras: Legacy of a Labor Leader